Bar Equipment 

In this section we offer a wide range of bar equipment such as coffee dispensers, juicers, roasters, slushies, sandwich and pizza plates, brioche display cases, and much more. For any of your needs contact us.

Soluble products

Soluble preparations for barley coffee and ginseng coffee, an excellent alternative to traditional coffee.

Gusty soluble products represent the top quality that a barista or a restaurateur can offer to their customers.

Ginseng coffee is available in Super, Medium, Light and No Sugar varieties.

Barley coffee is available in Quality and Bio varieties.

Coffee dispensers

In this department you will find a selection of professional coffee dispensers for grinding coffee beans and spices. Ideal for bars, restaurants, cafeterias and hotels.

Centrifuges and extractors

In this category you can find a selected range ofprofessional JuiceExtractors andCentrifuges. These products are ideal for professional activities such as Bars, Restaurants and Hotels . Particularly suitable as complements during breakfast to obtain cold juices, centrifuges and genuine and healthy fruit and vegetable extracts.


In this category you will find a selected range of professional juicers for Bars, Restaurants and Hotels, made with high quality materials to pander to all the needs of the beverage world.

Scroll down to find the product that best suits your needs and if you have any questions Contact us!



Milkshake machine, ideal for bars, ice-cream parlours and pubs. This type of product is suitable for making fantastic milkshakes, milkshakes and cocktails. Buy online among the best professional milkshake blenders that we have selected for you. Today the milkshake blender is one of the most used tools to expand the range of services offered in bars and ice cream parlors trendy.


In this department you will find a wide range of display cases for croissants both heated and neutral, for displaying products such as pizzas, cakes and various appetizers. The brioches display case like every other bar display case for sale on our portal is made for professional use.

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