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Cold beverage dispenser with 2 9-liter tanks. Mini D
€ 0,00 € 0,00 -40% Tax included

COD, MINI D Steel Refrigerated, 2-tank, 9-liter dispenser with steel sides. Compact size, unique evaporator and high-efficiency pump cool quickly and ensure drinks are chilled to the last dispense.

USB stick for soluble dispenser calibration. Micadore
€ 39,70 € 66,17 -40% Tax included

Key for calibration of dispensing in Micadore and ChocoEasy hot beverage dispensers

Single beverage dispenser. DS10401
€ 126,54 € 210,90 -40% Tax included

DS10401 Ideal for hotels and restaurants. Steel dispenser of breakfast drinks. Single 8-liter transparent container.

6.8L electric coffee/hot beverage dispenser. DCN1706
€ 137,36 € 228,93 -40% Tax included

DCN1706 ABS dispenser for coffee and hot drinks. 6.8-liter capacity. Safety thermostat and temp. up to 90°C.

Double beverage dispenser. DS10402
€ 250,55 € 417,58 -40% Tax included

DS10402 Ideal in hotels and restaurants. Breakfast beverage dispenser. Steel body, double transparent 5 Lt. container

Droplet basin steel grid
€ 275,00 € 458,33 -40% Tax included

Cod. DROP COLLECTOR Accessory drip catcher steel grid tub

Professional hot chocolate machine, 3 liter tank
€ 283,07 € 471,78 -40% Tax included

Code LOLA3 Professional chocolatier with 3lt container and thermostat regul. 90°C Available in colors: White and Black

Professional hot chocolate machine, 6 liter tank
€ 360,93 € 601,55 -40% Tax included

Code LOLA6 Professional chocolatier with 6lt container and thermostat regul. 90°C Available in colors: White and Black

Hot drink dispenser No. 1 flavor: Ginseng, Barley, Chocolate. Gusty M1L
€ 465,00 € 775,00 -40% Tax included

Ginseng and Barley Machine. Dispenser for soluble hot drinks such as Barley and Ginseng.One dispensing unit. Dual setting: large cup/small cup. 1-liter water container. Automatic flushing. Frame: Stainless Steel.Dimensions: 11x43x46 cm (WxDxH).

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