Mixer, peeling and cutting 

In this department you will find a wide range of dynamic food preparation products such as: vegetable cutters, peelers, cutters, professional slicers, and more.


How to choose the professional immersion blender? This type of immersion blender also called mixer or minipimer is suitable for preparing vegetables, sauces, ice cream and many other products according to the processing needs. The first element to be taken into consideration when purchasing an immersion blender is undoubtedly the motor, its power is very important even if you can often find on the market models with a very low wattage. For professional use we recommend at least 250 watts, even better if you reach 400 watts or more. The low power of the blender in fact during the processing of food can cause an overheating of the motor that can compromise the functionality up to the breakage of the mixer itself. One of the main differences between a commercial minipimer and a professional immersion mixer is precisely in the fact that the latter can be used for extended periods without worrying too much about damaging the motor. Another important element are the accessories, whisk, stem and emulsifier. These essential parts should be chosen with care and steel is definitely the most recommended material because it allows easy cleaning even in the dishwasher, which is not recommended for plastic versions. Finally, it is important to consider whether to buy a professional blender with fixed or variable speed, the latter is essential to be able to use the whisk accessory, typically used in the realization of desserts. Below we offer a wide range of products to choose the best immersion blender for your needs.

Professional cutters

Professional cutters are an indispensable piece of equipment for any professional catering business as they allow you to chop and mince numerous types of food such as: vegetables, meat, almonds, nuts and much more.


Ideal for restaurants, hotels and any catering business in general. They exploit the strength of a powerful steel blade that can rotate at high speed and chop any type of food. Discover the complete range of our Made in Italy cutters.

Vegetable cutter

The professional vegetable cutter is an indispensable machine for dicing, cutting, slicing and shredding vegetables, bread and cheese. The products in this catalog represent a selection of the best Italian brands on the market such as: Fimar rimini, Gam international and Fama industrie. Most of these products can be completed with a wide range of discs to meet any need to cut in a uniform way and without damaging the food. It is also possible to combine disks and grids in order to obtain more than 50 different cutting combinations. The vegetable slicers are made of stainless steel and high quality materials suitable for contact with foodstuffs and are available with both single-phase and three-phase power supply. The various motorizations of professional electric vegetable slicers present in the catalogue allow to obtain hourly productions able to satisfy any working requirement. Our staff will be happy to support you in your choice.

Slicers and Meat Slicers

In this section we focus on the vast world ofslicers and meat slicers. Here we propose products made exclusively with monofusion frame, able to guarantee the best cutting quality. Moreover, each machine is equipped with sharpening block and guaranteed by professional CE certification.

It is possible to choose among different types of slicers: vertical, gravity or flywheel. Each of them offers unique features in order to meet the needs of many activities such as: butcher shops, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, etc. ...

If you are looking for a professional slicer you are in the right place. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to obtain a perfect mozzarella cut for your pizza? The mozzarella cutters in this department have been selected from among the best Italian manufacturers to offer you maximum speed of execution and perfect processing, both for fraying, dicing and for the staple cut. Ideal for pizzerias, restaurants and canteens. Discover all the details!

Mop Cleaner

Do you want to speed up the processing of mussels and shellfish?

In this section we offer a wide range of mussel cleaners selected from the best Italian manufacturers.

Thanks to this professional equipment, it is possible to automate and speed up the process of cleaning mussels from the typical incrustations and impurities, also guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene. Recommended product for restaurants and fishmongers.

Potato peeler

In this section we offer our users a wide range of professional potato peelers in stainless steel of Italian production, with capacities ranging from the smallest bench models from 5 kg, up to the versions with pedestal floor with capacities up to 25 kg. The industrial pot ato peelers are peeling machines for processing potatoes, carrots and similar products, suitable for all those catering activities where a high efficiency of the kitchen is required in the preparation of these products, such as restaurants, hotels and communities. Many are the variants of peelers available; in fact, we are able to provide both single-phase machines at 220 V and three-phase machines at 380 V, with side discharge (from the bench) and bottom discharge (from the floor), also equipped with a filtering drawer to collect the processing residues. Each potato pe eler has been designed to make both the abrasive cloth and the potato peeler plate easily removable to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance. The use of the industrial pot ato peeler allows to save a lot of time, freeing up workforce to be employed in more complex preparations. In fact, the duration of a processing cycle of the potato peeler is extremely short if compared to the quantity of product processed and can vary approximately from 60 seconds for the smallest versions to 150 seconds for the largest peelers, while the hourly production varies from 150 to 450 kg/h for the largest potato peeler.

Truffle washer

In this section you will find a selected range of professional truffle washing machines, ideal for restaurants, hotels and wholesalers.

Made in Italy products.

Cutlery and accessories

The Coltellerie Paolucci company was founded in 1972 in the hinterland of Molise in the footsteps of a millennia-old tradition in sharp metalworking. It is one of the artisanal manufactures that most represents in the world the flair of Italian master scissors and knife makers.

In this category you will find forged knives, cleavers, hatchets and steel blades of the highest quality.

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