Cold Line 

In this section you will find a wide range of professional equipment essential for the storage and freezing of any type of food.

Discover the products of the "Cold Line" most suitable for your needs: professional refrigerators, blast chillers, freezers and pizza counters.


The best refrigeration technology at the service of the catering industry.

Whether it's ventilated or static, what matters in refrigeration is preserving food in the best possible way while maintaining the organoleptic properties of raw materials unaltered.

In this department you will find a complete range of refrigerated products dedicated to catering professionals who need to preserve and freeze their preparations in complete safety. We offer professional refrigerators, blast chillers, freezers and refrigerated display cases, designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of maintenance.
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Refrigerated tables

Why choose refrigerated tables instead of a refrigerated cabinet? Because refrigerated tables develop their volume horizontally, making it possible to exploit a work surface that in many cases may prove to be strategic, thus offering an alternative solution to the management of spaces that are so important in an environment such as a professional kitchen.

There are two types of grills and pans supported by a refrigerated table:

the first version is the Gastronorm GN 1/1 that can be used on 70 cm deep refrigerated counters, while to use 60x40 pastry trays you need refrigerated tables with a depth of 80 cm.
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