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Professional multi-surface cleaner. HC-MULTIF5K
€ 12,90 € 22,63 -43% Tax included

Professional cleaner suitable for any washable surface, ideal on steel countertops, professional kitchens and bakery and pastry workshops

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Ready-to-use professional rapid degreaser - 5-liter can
€ 14,96 € 26,25 -43% Tax included

Degreaser with high cleaning power Suitable for degreasing grease, oil, grease and carbonized residue.

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Diluted sanitizing liquid for professional sanyvapor. 5-liter canister. Certified to...
€ 15,00 € 23,08 -35% Tax included

Diluted sanitizing liquid for professional sanyvapor. Certified to sanitize up to 99.9 percent

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Cleaner - Gel degreaser for hot plates and ovens
€ 15,50 Tax included

Specific cleaner for degreasing the inside of ovens, cooking plates, conveyor belts of continuous ovens and stainless steel vessels. It has high degreasing power and can remove carbonized encrustations, also solubilizes sugar substances even melted or carbonized.

Upholstery cleaner SPECIAL INTERIOR - 5kg
€ 20,00 € 30,77 -35% Tax included

It is a detergent suitable for cleaning car interiors, fabrics in general, carpets, mats.

€ 24,90 Tax included

Sanitizing detergent for hard surfaces: floors, tiles, sinks, enameled and plasticized surfaces. It performs a degreasing action and eliminates the most difficult dirt thanks to its formula rich in cleaning agents.

Enzymatic detergent for professional use - 5 Kg -
€ 27,45 € 42,23 -35% Tax included

Professional enzymatic cleaner for interiors and upholstery such as sofas, mattresses and carpets. Format: 5kg canister

5-liter bottle of hydrogen peroxide, ready-to-use multi-surface sanitizer. FLASHF5K
€ 29,00 € 50,88 -43% Tax included

Scented ready-to-use multi-surface sanitizer product. Compliance with Protocol No. 5443 of February 22, 2020 Hydrogen peroxide sanitizer at a concentration of at least 0.5% for adequate contact time. Suitable for HACCP proceduresPROFESSIONAL USE.5-liter canister

Biocide disinfectant for steam spraying, canister 5 LT
€ 39,50 € 60,77 -35% Tax included

Canister of Biocide disinfectant to be sprayed together with steam. Cleans, disinfects and perfumes rooms and surfaces 5 LT container

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