1. How can I know the shipping costs and any additional services?
    The shipping costs for a single product can be consulted in the "Shipping" section of the product sheet.

  2. Can I enter a different shipping address than the billing address?
    When you enter your order you will be asked for your billing information and by clicking on "Enter new shipping address" you will be able to enter a different shipping address.

  3. Which couriers do you use for shipments and how quickly do they deliver?
    We use different couriers that operate in different ways: Express couriers such as SDA, GLS, DHL or BRT that deliver in 24/48h throughout Italy, specialized couriers such as ARCESE and FERCAM that take several days depending on the destination and can use local correspondents.

  4. Is it possible to insure shipments?
    It is possible to have extra insurance to refund the total value of the goods, in the absence of this option the products are covered by the carrier's insurance which is € 6.20 per kg.

  5. Can I personally pick up the product?
    You can pick up most of the products yourself. The handling costs will be lower but this option can only be done after contacting the assistance.

  6. Can I receive goods abroad?
    All our products can be shipped abroad. Contact us for a quote on shipping costs.

  7. What do I do when I get the goods?
    When the courier arrives to deliver the goods, check the integrity of the packages and always ask to sign with backup, reporting any anomalies in the packaging. The reserve is essential to be able to enforce the insurance. In case there are visible damages that would compromise the use of the product refuses the shipment.

  8. I have a problem with the merchandise I received, what should I do?
    In case you have any kind of problem, contact us to find the best solution together.

  9. How can I install the purchased products?
    For products that require it, the installation can be carried out by any qualified technician. The assembly of the trolleys that are shipped disassembled does not require specific skills.

  10. What's the meaning of the delivery to "On-Board"?
    Standard delivery does not require the courier to cover ramps or steps, particularly with heavy or bulky packages. If you need a delivery to the floor, please contact us to assess feasibility and budget.


  1. What payment methods do you accept?
    Depending on the type of product, size, weight and total price the site automatically shows the accepted payment methods. There are no deferred payments. Here are the main methods:

    i) Bank transfer (Method accepted for all products) The credit of the payment usually takes one or two working days; the bank details are automatically communicated once the order is completed.

    (ii) Credit Card (Method accepted for all products) Immediate payment, the payment is made on a specialized banking platform outside our site, to ensure maximum security. Before proceeding, please check that you have the authorization for online purchases and all the necessary security codes (Secur code, Verifyed by Visa, etc.).

    (iii) Postal order (Method accepted for all products) The credit of the payment usually takes 5-7 working days. Instructions for this payment method are communicated by the site once the order is completed.

    (iv) Paypal (Method accepted only for certain types of products) Immediate payment that provides for the addition to the total commissions applied by Paypal. Payment is made directly on Paypal platform.

    v) Marking (Method accepted only for certain types of products) Payment (in cash) is made upon delivery of the goods. In some cases, a down payment may be required with one of the other payment methods when the order is completed.

  2. What are the most immediate payment methods and fast?
    Payment by Credit Card, Paypal or Cash on Delivery allows you to manage your order immediately. For other methods it is necessary to wait for the payment to be credited.

  3. Do you accept payment with Postepay?
    If you have a Postepay card, you can make payment by credit card. We do not accept money transfers with Postepay top-ups.

  4. If I pick up at the store, can I pay at the time of pick-up?
    By paying a deposit you can make the balance at the time of collection. Contact us for more information.

  5. Is credit card payment safe?
    We have chosen the maximum level of security for credit card payments in order to guarantee total data protection.

  6. If I pay by bank transfer, can my bank details be seen by others?
    When paying by bank transfer, no data will be visible to us or to third parties other than the bank.


  1. Do you invoice for purchased products?
    Yes: the invoice will be sent to you automatically by e-mail within a few days of ordering. Inside the package you may not find the invoice.

  2. I entered incorrect billing information how can I do this?
    Contact us by email or phone and let us know your contact details and what changes you need to make.

  3. How long does the Product Warranty last?
    The warranty for all products for professional use is 12 months. The warranty covers any factory defects, while it does not cover damage due to incorrect use of the product.

  4. Do you do electronic invoicing for public administrations?
    We do not issue electronic invoicing for public administrations.

  5. Can you issue a VAT-free invoice?
    Yes, if the necessary requirements are met we can issue the invoice without VAT. For verification of the requirements and further information write your request to clienti@bianchipro.it

  6. I'm a private person, can I buy on your site?
    Some of the products on our website can also be purchased by private individuals. In these cases, when you enter your Billing Information, the site proposes to choose between Company or Private user profile.


  1. Who can I contact for warranty service?
    For assistance you can contact us using one of these methods:
    E-mail: clienti@bianchipro.it
    Phone: ( 39) 0541 620526
    Whatsapp: ( 39) 339 6107203 (messages only)
    You can find more information about service and warranties in the Terms of Sale.

  2. I need specific spare parts for an item, how can I do it?
    Send us an e-mail communicating brand and model of the product. A picture of the product label may also be useful. If available, we will send you the exploded view or the code of the spare part to buy.

  3. The purchase has satisfied me can I leave you a review?
    You can leave one or more reviews in these portals:
    Find prices: http://www.trovaprezzi.it/opinioni_negozio-bianchielettrodomestici.aspx
    Google Place: https://bit.ly/3kK9fml


  1. How can I search for a product on your site?
    If you already know the model, name or code of the product you can use the "search bar" at the top center of the homepage. If you are looking for a product for which you do not have references you can navigate through the categories of the site that you see in the green horizontal bar.

  2. The products are always available?
    In most cases the products are available. We take care to inform you promptly in case of unforeseen delays in shipments.

  3. For the purchase of multiple products, can I request discounts or customized quotes?
    Yes, please contact us to verify the possibility of a personalized offer.

  4. Are the prices the same for purchases made online or in store?
    Yes, the prices are the same, the management cost is always lower than the shipping costs.

  5. Why are your prices so low?
    We work in contact with the producers, eliminating and expensive passage of intermediaries. This allows us to minimize the selling prices of our products.

  6. Do the prices on the site include VAT?
    Yes, published prices always include VAT.


  1. How can I place an order?
    We have made tutorial videos to show you how to place an order. You can find them published on the home page, next to the search bar.

  2. How can I check the status of my order?
    You can contact us by writing to clienti@bianchipro.it

  3. Can I modify or cancel my order?
    An order can only be modified or cancelled before it is processed. Contact us for your request by writing to clienti@bianchipro.it

  4. Do I need to register to make a purchase?
    To make purchases on our e-commerce there is no need to register, you will only be asked for the data necessary to process your order.

  5. Why register for the newsletter?
    The newsletter is a quick and easy way to keep up to date with information, news and discounts, but also to receive interesting content and useful guides.

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