Ice Crusher 

Fimar ROGM Professional Ice Crusher
€ 321,05 € 563,25 -43% Tax included

ROGM Professional ice crusher suitable for making cocktails, caipirinhas, frozen , etc. Power: 150W. Power supply: 230V single-phase. Speed: 800 rpm. Hourly production: about 120kg.

Professional ice crusher Fimar TRL
€ 448,54 € 786,91 -43% Tax included

TRL Professional ice crusher for turning ice into fine flakes. Aadapted for making slushies, cocktails, etc. Power: 350w. Power supply: 230v single-phase. Speed 1200 rpm.

Fama MTG6 Professional Ice Crusher
€ 453,89 € 796,30 -43% Tax included

TG6 Professional Electric Ice Crusher Sturdy painted aluminum frame with steel blades and 340 W motor.

Fama MSG100 Professional Ice Crusher
€ 558,48 € 979,79 -43% Tax included

MSG100 Professional ice breaker with 4 selectable levels of flakes, 450W power and 1400 rpm. Ideal for preparing long drinks, cocktails and crushed drinks.

Fimar GP2FR Multifunction Bar Group
€ 564,96 € 991,16 -43% Tax included

GP2FR Multifunctional bar group with small footprint. Consists of ice breaker with stainless steel tumbler and blender with lexan tumbler with independent motors.

Fama MG20 Multifunction Bar Group
€ 1.100,50 € 1.930,70 -43% Tax included

MG 20 is a Bar group that meets the demands of the most demanding bartenders. It also allows the simultaneous use of: Ice Crusher, Juicer and Blender with a minimal footprint.

Fama MG50 Multifunction Bar Group
€ 1.245,51 € 2.185,11 -43% Tax included

Bar Group MG 50 is able to meet the demanding expectations of Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, etc. With the same appliance and the smallest footprint you can have at the same time: Ice Crusher, Juicer, Blender and Blender.

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