Pasta Processing 

Sturdy and reliable machines for kneading, flaking and making bread, pizza, fresh pasta and more.

Spiral Kneader

Which is the best spiral mixer? The only possible answer is It depends! It depends on multiple factors, but let's proceed in order.

The mixer and especially the spiral version can be made in many variations and versions. The first thing to take into consideration is the capacity of the bowl so that it is proportionate to the actual amount of dough that we need to work. After that, it is of fundamental importance to identify and select a whole series of very important options: the type of power supply: single-phase or three-phase, the grilled or transparent cover, single or double speed, liftable or fixed head and last but not least, the fixed or removable bowl.

Not to be forgotten in the more voluminous versions is the possibility of using pivoting wheels to allow easier handling.

Now that we have seen the main functions of a professional kneading machine, you can choose the perfect version for your work, whether in a pizzeria, restaurant, bakery or pastry shop.

Planetary mixer

Whichprofessional planetary mixer should you choose and what should you consider when buying one that combines quality and price? There are several aspects to consider when choosing to purchase a planetary mixer.

Certainly in the case of restaurants, artisan workshops or pastry shops planetary mixers are preferable for the versatility of use they offer, even more so if the field in which they operate is mainly confectionery.

The advantages of the planetary mixer.

Theprofessional planetary machines are among the most suitable kitchen equipment to obtain a uniform dough. In fact, by imitating the rotation motion of the planets, carried out simultaneously on its own axis and around a point, which in the case of the mixer is the centre of the bowl, they continuously stretch the dough at every point, guaranteeing an extremely uniform result.

This process is carried out using special accessories called hooks or whips. There are various types of hooks used depending on the consistency of the dough to be processed, including the A-hook and K-hook suitable for mixing dough of medium consistency, while the spiral hook is more suitable for more consistent dough such as bread and pizza.

Fork dough mixers

Fork dough mixers are part of the vast world of food machines, they are designed to process dough of medium or hard consistency and thanks to the typical movement of the fork tool they guarantee the creation of a glutinous mesh and an excellent oxygenation of the mixture, limiting as much as possible the effect of overheating that would otherwise heavily affect the quality of the final product.

Another unique feature of the fork is the ability to mix homogeneously and in a short time both small (3/4 kg) and large quantities of product, thus creating a perfectdough consistency and ensuring a unique working result.

Fresh pasta machines

In this category we propose the selected range of fresh pasta machines of the company Fimar, to extrude and mix multiple types of ingredients in order to obtain compounds such as the classic egg pasta . This typology of professional fresh pasta machines is suitable in its various motorizations both for domestic use and for professional activities such as restaurants, delicatessens, artisan workshops, etc... Thanks to this fantastic instrument we can make automatic the whole process of working the dough, which otherwise would require a considerable waste of time and energy. The Fimar company, thanks to its long experience in the catering sector, has created a machine for making pasta in which it is sufficient to insert the ingredients and in a short time our artisan pasta will be ready to be processed into the desired shapes thanks to the wide choice of 24 brass and bronze dies (optional). The frame of each model of pasta machine is treated with anti-scratch paint, while the parts in contact with foodstuffs, such as the bowl and the kneading hook, are made of stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene. In addition, the bowl cover is equipped with a safety microswitch in full compliance with accident prevention regulations. As an optional for the model MPF2,5N it is possible to request the electronic dough cutter accessory while for the models MPF4N and MPF8N it is already included as standard.

Rotary cutters

The secret to obtaining a state-of-the-art pasta sheet? Use professional sheeters capable of working the sheet with the same quality as handmade pasta.

Each professional pasta sheeter that you find in this department is made of a high quality stainless steel frame and designed specifically for use in catering businesses such as: delis, restaurants, fresh pasta shops and more. Discover all products!

Pizza stretcher

What is the dilaminatrice? Also known as a pizza rolling machine, it is a machine for pizzerias and restaurants capable of rolling out egg-based dough for the production of pizza and piadina.
The pizza stretcher is a very sturdy and practical piece of equipment for restaurants, ideal for obtaining any thickness of dough required for pizza, pasta, piadina, etc.
In the pizza stretcher the rollers used to roll out the dough can be single or double and also parallel, typically used to work with trays or inclined for the production of the classic Neapolitan flat pizza.

Dredging and rounding machines

In this department you will find a selection at the best prices of professional rounding and portioning machines for pizzerias and restaurants. Sturdy and reliable Made in Italy products.

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