Implementation of new e-commerce platform.

Project description: PG/2019/16636 of 09/09/2019

The innovation project of the product and service offer has been realized through the implementation of a completely renewed sales channel, in the basic structure and future development potential, thanks to the preparation of the new platform and the implementation of innovative technologies and software.

From a platform based on an obsolete programming language, we have moved on to a modern and high-performance CMS, suitable for the needs of current standards, such as easy integration with innovative software services, better user experience for both the customer and the company staff.

The use of specialists was essential, due to the need for specific skills that would guarantee the best results and the need not to distract the company's staff from the indispensable work activities.

The purchase of a latest-generation router has also made the internal IT network more efficient, producing a benefit in terms of saving time by speeding up and simplifying staff operations.

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