Meat and cheese 

In this department you will find a selection at the best prices of professional meat mincers, meat saws, meat graters and meat baggers. Ideal for restaurants, butcher stores, delis and grocery stores.

Meat mincer and grater

In this department you will find a wide range of meat grinder grater machines for any catering business. The meat grinder and grater, are also available in the basic model, ideal for small businesses such as farms, communities, restaurants that need to process meat and cheese. For activities that instead have higher needs of use such as butcher shops, restaurants, hotels and pizzerias with the need for greater production capacity, we offer many models of meat grinders and cheese graters with high performance and in various configurations, all in line with the new hygiene and safety standards in force. All products are equipped with a stainless steel hopper and grinding unit that can be easily removed to allow a more accurate cleaning. With the exception of the "8" line, each professional meat grinder and grater can be purchased with three-phase or single-phase power supply, in addition to the grinding units available in cast iron and stainless steel, without forgetting the possibility of requesting the fairing version for professional cleaning.

Meat grinder

In this department we have both small-sized models (series 8) for family use and for commercial activities (series 12 - 22 - 32) such as butchers' shops, delicatessen shops or restaurants and hotels etc. There are many constructive variables that make the professional meat grinder unique. The material of the grinding group can vary according to the customer's choice, from food-grade cast iron to anodized aluminium and AISI304 stainless steel. The series of industrial meat mincers that we propose can have variable output mouths from 8/60 mm 12/70 mm 22/82 mm 32/98 mm to meet every working requirement. In most cases the professional electric meat grinder is equipped with an asynchronous motor with thermal protection and helical gears in tempered steel in oil bath. There are also special versions equipped with ventilated motors, reverse function (ideal when you have to mince bones) in addition to the refrigerated mincer. The standard dies are made of stainless steel, as are the auger and the hopper, while the CE-compliant electrical controls are 24 Volt to ensure maximum operator safety. As an optional it is possible to request different sized dies, the bagging kit (like any self-respecting sausage-making machine) and a choice of single-phase, three-phase and special power supply.


In this section you can discover the vast world of professional graters. High quality products, powerful and safe because they all have professional CE certification. Ideal for grating bread and cheese, they can also be used to process other types of food, such as almonds, nuts and dried fruit of all kinds. Each grater is Made in Italy, guaranteed by the best Italian producers. Choose the model that best suits your needs at the best price.


Hamburgers for preparing hamburgers with a diameter of 100 mm or 130 mm.

Bagging machines

Professional machines for bagging minced meat. Hand cranked, horizontal or vertical.

Bone Saw

In this department you will find a select range of saws with both painted and anodized aluminum frames. This equipment is ideal for cutting bones, meat and fish both fresh and frozen. Their use is suitable for both the butcher 's shop and the fish market. In this section you can find the best products on the market selected by our staff.

Slicers and meat slicers

In this section we focus on the vast world ofslicers and meat slicers. Here we propose products made exclusively with monofusion frame, able to guarantee the best cutting quality. Moreover, each machine is equipped with sharpening block and guaranteed by professional CE certification.

It is possible to choose among different types of slicers: vertical, gravity or flywheel. Each of them offers unique features in order to meet the needs of many activities such as: butcher shops, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, etc. ...

If you are looking for a professional slicer you are in the right place. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact us.

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