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linea cortesia per alberghi e hotel whity

Inspired by white , synonymous with purity and light, WHITY is an appealing line because of its versatility. Augmented and devoid of excess , thanks to its fresh and youthful fragrance, it is perfect for those seeking an essential style without sacrificing sophistication. It gives a rejuvenating and refreshing moment of well-being away from daily stress, a relaxing escape at the end of a hectic day.


Practical, convenient and functional , a series of complementary products, to meet all the needs of your guests. Elegant in their simplicity, they will be able to enrich any courtesy cosmetic line.


Because of its high emollient and softening properties, olive oil is ideal for those who choose all-natural cosmetics. The Olja line, based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, gently moisturizes, leaving the skin toned, supple and pleasantly scented.


Daughters of Nereus , god of the calm sea, the Nereids bring man back to the gentle serenity of the calm sea.
On moonlit nights, near the shores, they entertained themselves by playing with mermen.
Beneficent and immortal creatures inhabited the Mediterranean Sea, "cradle of peoples," crossroads of trade and hub of growth of ancient and modern civilizations.
The "middle sea," Mare Nostrum for the Romans, lapped still wild coastlines,surrounded islands and hid coves full of wonders.
Hence the inspiration for the NEREA cosmetic line, which with its mysterious blue aura, refreshes the senses in a strong embrace.
Like the froth of waves crashing on the shore , so the citrus notes of lime and bergamot meet the refined spices of cardamom and ginger.
It will be like plunging into a marine forest of lavender and aquatic ferns,like sailing by letting your senses carry you to wild beaches,thanks to the warm and dry tones of vanilla, dry salty wood and fig , which provide comfort and relaxation.

MYA Collection

Elegant,Majestic and Floridian... Mya Collection is inspired by the tree of life for a complete and refined line of cosmetics in various formats.
The tree is a symbol of a rich and INTENSE new life, like the fragrances that make up this collection.

MYA Argan

A light Asian touch and a breath of exotic sensuality: Mya Argan is a perfect marriage of elegance and quality. Let yourself be enveloped by the intense atmospheres of this line and the antioxidant, emollient and moisturizing properties of Argan Oil.


The Karisma line with its refined yet essential style is the right solution for every type of hotel room. Simple yet appealing, Karisma is ideal for meeting every need for convenience and comfort thanks to its single-serving and flow packs.


From the strength of natural elements,Elements was born,with an unmistakable style. Four very bold elements create a mix of colors and scents that will add a lively touch to your experience.


Many studies claim that colors can influence mood, causing emotional effects on people. Our brain undergoes the 'impact of different shades, triggering chemical reactions that stimulate different moods. The "color" line, with its chromatic shades , gives relaxation, relaxation and calm thanks to the tones of 'blue and green but also releases energy and creativity with yellow and orange. Everything is completed with the essences of citrus , vanilla and cedar wood, which give a pimping touch of freshness.

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Pack with 6 mini crayons for courtesy kit - Baby kit line - 07811
€ 0,59 € 0,91 -35% Tax included

Pack with 6 mini crayons for courtesy kit Baby Kit Line - AST-BABYKIT

Courtesy kit coloring case - Baby kit line - AST-BABYKIT
€ 1,31 € 2,02 -35% Tax included

Coloring case for courtesy kit Baby Kit Line - AST-BABYKIT

Single Holder for 300ml or 500ml Bottles - Karisma Line - P-DISP-SAPL-TR
€ 19,04 € 29,29 -35% Tax included

Single Holder for 300ml or 500ml bottles Karisma Line - P-DISP-SAPL-TR

Single support bracket for courtesy soap for hotel hotels and b
€ 22,60 € 34,77 -35% Tax included

Courtesy soap holder bracket for hotel hotels and b

Courtesy Shoeshine Sponge. Carton of 150 kits - MYA Collection Line - MYSLFP
€ 23,22 € 35,72 -35% Tax included

Courtesy shoe shine sponge. Carton of 150 kits MYA Collection Line - MYSRFP

Courtesy Shoeshine Sponge. Carton of 150 kits - Karisma Line - KRSLFP
€ 23,22 € 35,72 -35% Tax included

Courtesy shoeshine sponge. Carton of 150 kits. Karisma Line - KRSLFP

Sample Courtesy Line for Hotel: MYA Collection
€ 24,51 € 37,71 -35% Tax included

Sample Courtesy Line for Hotels: MYA Collection KIT-MYA

Hotel Courtesy Line Sample: Natural Care
€ 24,51 € 37,71 -35% Tax included

Hotel Courtesy Line Sample: Natural Care KIT-NATVRALCARE

Courtesy line sample for Hotel: Whity
€ 24,51 € 37,71 -35% Tax included

Courtesy line sample for Hotel: Whity KIT-WHITY

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