the advantages of operational leasing with the possibility of final redemption.

Today for many companies the operating lease is already an integral part of the business financing strategy, and with the services offered by GRENKE the opportunity is increasingly attractive. The operating lease is a viable alternative to the direct sale of professional equipment, this mode will allow you to pay the asset in monthly fees taking advantage of important tax and financial benefits.

Four good reasons to choose the lease:

1) Greater liquidity

It does not require the mobilization of own funds and strengthens the solvency towards the bank of reference. In fact, purchasing IT equipment and other assets involves significant costs, in terms of liquidity, credit provided and negotiation times. On the contrary, renting has a minimal impact on credit margins with financial services companies and does not affect balance sheet ratios. The equipment remains the property of the lessor company: consequently, unlike a direct purchase, leasing does not affect, to the disadvantage of the lessee, the ratio of equity to balance sheet total or of equity to fixed assets. In short, leasing guarantees you the use of state-of-the-art technology, improving your company's solvency, balance sheet ratios and rating.

2) Effective investment planning

Leasing is an economic winner for your company.
The reason? Instead of high acquisition costs and all the burdens that come with it, such as the need
to manage assets and depreciation, you can finance the lease payments from the same revenues you earn from their use, keeping the technology at the cutting edge, while increasing your investment capacity. In addition to the "pay-as-you-earn" advantage, you also benefit from secure cost planning: thanks to fixed rental fees, your business planning will be clear and balanced.

3) Improving the quality of your investments and anticipating the competition

By replacing the high purchase costs with convenient monthly or quarterly rentals, you can have innovative technology that keeps pace with the growth of your business. To be competitive in such a dynamic market, you need to constantly invest in state-of-the-art systems. The risk is that a lot of equipment becomes obsolete before it is depreciated. GRENKE's operational leasing allows you to ensure the technological advantage to your company, with excellent results on competitiveness.

4) Maximum flexibility

With GRENKE renew your technology park even before the natural expiration of the contract. In fact, with the purchase of computer systems and other capital goods, you remain bound for years, while the technology evolves relentlessly. That's why our lease offering has an option that allows you to change the asset at any time. When more advanced or effective technology comes on the market than your initial choice, you can replace the asset before the end of the term. Often no rent adjustment is required either. Your contract with GRENKE is tailored to your own needs.

Our partner, GRENKE has been a leader in the industry for more than 40 years!locazione e noleggio operativo con grenke

The contract provides:

  • - Management fee € 75.00 VAT, only for the first contract
  • - Insurance for goods: leased. In case you already have an insurance on the equipment will be sufficient to provide a copy. Alternatively, Grenke will activate a special policy.
  • - Possibility to redeem the equipment at the end of the contract

If you want to know more about operating leases for the purchase of professional equipment for your company:

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