Combined bar groups 

Multiple Bar Group with Squeezer and Fuller.
€ 548,64 € 962,53 -43% Tax included

GP2SF Multifunctional bar group with juicer and blender with independent motors. It offers a small footprint with a 1.5 lt glass capacity in lexan.

Multiple Bar Group with Icebreaker and Fuller.
€ 564,96 € 991,16 -43% Tax included

GP2FR Multifunctional bar group with small footprint. It consists of an icebreaker with stainless steel glass and blender with lexan glass with independent motors.

Multiple Bar Group with Squeezer, Fuller and Milkshake.
€ 589,63 € 1.034,44 -43% Tax included

GP3SFF Multifunctional bar group with small footprint. Consisting of juicers, blender with lexan glass and milkshake whisk with lexan glass. Independent motors.

MG13 Multifunctional Bar Group Juicer and Fuller
€ 635,96 € 1.115,72 -43% Tax included

The proffessional product Mod. MG13, allows us to have Squeezer and Fuller with a small footprint. This Bar group is able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding bartenders.

MG20 Multifunction Bar Group: Ice Crusher, Juicer and Blender.
€ 1.119,43 € 1.963,91 -43% Tax included

MG 20 is a bar group that meets the demands of the most demanding barmen. It allows to use also at the same time: Ice Crusher, Juicer and Blender with a minimum encumbrance.

MG50 Multifunctional Proffesional Bar Group with Ice Crusher, Juicer, Blender and Whisk.
€ 1.266,80 € 2.222,46 -43% Tax included

Gruppo Bar MG 50 is able to meet the demanding expectations of bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.. With the same appliance and the minimum encumbrance you can have at the same time: Ice Crusher, Juicer, Blender and Whisk.

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