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Professional equipment
for catering

Restaurant equipment, food machines, kitchen accessories. Setting up a professional kitchen efficiently is essential for the success of a company that works in the hospitality sector. Having the right kitchen tools allows you to work faster and better, increasing the speed in the preparation of the dishes - and therefore in the customer service - and reducing fatigue and risks. It is important to identify the most suitable catering equipment for your professional kitchens - bar equipment or kitchen utensils - to increase productivity and reduce wasted time and materials.

A professional knows well what is behind the preparation of each dish on the menu: for a first course prepared with passion, a good chef uses a number of tools, from the mixer to the dough sheeter or the machine for fresh pasta, from meat mincer mixer cutter for fillings and sauces; the grater for the parmesan and the pasta cooker, to finish.

For a second or a side dish, apparently simple, it is often necessary to use potato peelers, slicers, fryers, vegetable cutters and many other tools. Not to mention basins, containers, knives, but also blast chillers, ovens, trolleys etc. Catering equipment is a flagship of Italian production: the great gastronomic tradition of our country makes us world leaders in the design of catering machines, bar equipment, pizzeria equipment, kitchen accessories.

In short, professional catering equipment is a great national pride and brings Made in Italy to restaurant kitchens all over the world.

Equipment for
hotels, restaurants, bars

Even the tradition should not be overlooked and for this reason we offer food machines which are essential tools for catering professionals such as professional meat mincers and meat mincers-graters, the planetary or fork mixer, the machine for fresh pasta, the pizza stretcher or the professional gravity or vertical slicer without forgetting the world of cooking with the pizza oven, the professional fryer, the pasta cooker, the fry top and the induction or lava stone grills.

Particular mention must also be given to the dynamic preparation sector which includes products such as professional immersion mixers, potato peelers, vegetable washers, scrubber cleaners, cutters and vegetable cutters.


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